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Spider Man 2: All Brooklyn Visions locations and how to solve

Marvel’s Spider Man 2 has several additional objectives to complete throughout its overall campaign. One of them involves helping members of Brooklyn Vision Academy with their daily tasks. Players control Miles Morales as he navigates the complex assisting NPCs. There are a total of four missions available in Brooklyn Visions, with the fifth mission unlocked after completing the first four missions.

Spider Man 2

All Brooklyn Visions quest locations in Marvel’s Spider Man 2

All four Brooklyn Visions missions will be available after players complete Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s main campaign mission, “Make Your Choice”. Soon after this is done, Junkie will ask Miles to meet her at the school club fair.

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1) Brooklyn Visions Club Fair

Spider Man 2

Visit the Brooklyn Vision Club gallery and talk to Ganke. From here, along with the incoming army, pursue the criminals to their hideout and defeat them. Finally, take Mrs. Ferguson to school and complete the task.


Spider Man 2

Head towards the generator, and clear the place of all criminal activities to save the seller. Return to the dealer and repair the existing system by re-routing power through the ceiling. Finally, help him implement his plan to finish the job.

Senior Prank

Spider Man 2

This search is a little more complicated. You have to complete a total of three puzzles spread across three different locations. After this, you have to locate Lance and save him to complete the mission.

Lights, Camera, Action

The final mission of Brooklyn Visions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 involves Miles taking a break and taking pictures of the area. Visit the tallest building in the vicinity and take a photo of the complex. After this, he took two more photographs of himself, followed by some photographs of the students. Finally, chase the camera drone without landing even once to complete the mission.

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