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Which Expression is Equivalent To

Which Expression is Equivalent To:Atomic mass of one element whose combined energy is equal to a given mass of another element

Which expression is equivalent to ? Assume m=0 n=0

Step-by-step explanation:
In the question,

We have been given the equation,


On simplifying the given equation, we get,

Now, we have to assume the value of ‘m’ and ‘n’ as equal to 0.

Therefore, on putting the values of ‘m’ and ‘n’ = 0, we get,

We can the fraction 0/0 which is not defined.

Therefore, the final value after putting the respective values of ‘m’ and ‘n’ is NOT DEFINED.

which expression is equivalent to ? assume x 0 and y > 0.

Equivalent expressions are expressions that do the same thing even though they look different. If two algebraic expressions are equivalent, then when we substitute the same value(s) in the variable(s), both the expressions have the same value.\

which of the following is equivalent to

Which of the following is equivalent to 2/5: We know that, any number multiplied by 1 is the number itself. So, 52​=52​×1⇒52×1​=2×51​∴ 52​ is equivalent to 2×51​

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