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SA T20 League 2023 Live Match Score & Preview

The South African T20 League (SAT20 League) is continuously making headlines. Actually, the South Africa T20 League will start from 10 January. There are a total of 6 teams in the first season of this tournament. The funny thing is that all the 6 teams of the South African T20 league have been bought by the owners of the IPL teams. 33 matches will be played in the first season of the South Africa T20 League, while the final match will be played on 11 February. Apart from this, many rules of this league will be very interesting and such, which we might not have seen before on the cricket field.

The captain can choose his team after the toss in the South African T20 league. Actually, this rule does not exist in any T20 league till date. All captains should tell the eleventh player when to throw. However, at the time of the toss, the captain will have to name his 13 players. After the toss, the captain will be able to play 11 players of his choice, while the remaining two players will be as additional players.

SA T20 League 2023 Live Match Score

SA T20 League 2023
SA T20 League 2023

Apart from this, over throws will not be available in South Africa T20 league matches. At the same time, the rule of bonus points will be applicable in the matches of this league. Talking about the rest of the rules, if a batsman is bowled with a free stroke, then he cannot escape. However, according to ICC rules, a batsman can run for one run after the ball has been bowled from a free kick. The powerplay in the South Africa T20 league will be in two parts.

There will be 4 times powerplay for the first time, after that 2 powerplays will increase. Significantly, this league will start from January 10. Paarl Royals will face MI Cape Town in the first game.

Network 18 has the rights to broadcast the South African T20 League. You can watch this match in Hindi and English along with commentary in other languages of the country on various channels of Sports 18.

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