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PM Mudra Card Yojana : Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana Online Form 2022

PM Mudra Card Yojana:You must have heard about PM Mudra Card. It must also be heard that people who borrow for work etc. under PM Mudra Yojana get this Mudra card.

PM Mudra Yojana is for shop owners, traders, vendors and entrepreneurs involved in MSMEs. In this scheme, other types of loans can be taken except loans related to agriculture. Whoever takes a loan under the Mudra scheme, the interest of the scheme is given through the Mudra card. Mudra card is similar to debit card, but the method of withdrawing money from the account is different.

PM Mudra Card Yojana 2022

PM Mudra Card Yojana
PM Mudra Card Yojana

What is PM Mudra Card:

PM Mudra card is similar to debit or credit card. The main currency scheme symbol is written on the left side of the card and the chart logo is displayed. On the right is the logo of the bank that has issued the Mudra loan or Mudra card. In the middle of the card is a 16 digit number like debit and credit cards. Below is the card’s expiration date. On the left is the name of the cardholder and on the right is the card agency like RuPay. With this card money is withdrawn from ATM.

Difference between PM Mudra Card and Debit Card:

The major difference between Mudra card and ATM card is that ATM card or debit card withdraws money from your bank account whereas with Mudra card you can withdraw only loan money. As long as the loan is there, the validity of the Mudra card will remain valid. Same is the case with bank account. As long as the account is active, the ATM or debit card works. The card gets closed as soon as the account is closed. But the credit card rule is a bit different. The credit card, savings account or salary account persists even after closure and has nothing to do with the bank account.

Who gets PM Mudra Card:

Mudra card is issued to the borrower under the Mudra loan scheme. An individual applies for a loan and if the loan is approved, a Mudra loan account is opened. Mudra card is given as soon as the account is opened. As you open a savings account, you are given a debit card. After opening the account and issuing the Mudra card, the loan amount is credited to the Mudra account by the bank. Then the creditor can withdraw money from that Mudra card from his Mudra account. He can withdraw money from ATM as many times as needed.

How much loan is available in PM Mudra Card:

Mudra card is given in Mudra scheme up to Rs 1 lakh, but only 20% of the loan amount is credited to the card. You can withdraw and spend the money you want within this limit. This loan is so that you can use the working capital for your business. It is the capital in which you make profit by investing in the business. If you want, you can also use this money to buy goods or pay salaries to your employees.

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