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Max Life Policybazaar launch life insurance savings plan

Max Life Policybazaar: Max Life Insurance Company Limited launched “Max Life Smart Fixed Return Digital Plan”. This scheme is not linked to the stock market. One can take this plan for life insurance as well as savings plan. With the help of this plan, customers can fulfill their financial needs in a short time. The minimum document period for this scheme is 5 years. The plan offers life insurance as well as tax-free returns at the rate of 6.14% to the subscribers. For this plan, the customer will have to pay a premium of Rs 3,000 per month. This plan can be purchased from Max Life’s website or policybazaar.com.

Max Life Policybazaar
Max Life Policybazaar

Fixed-income Smart Digital plans are more beneficial for customers who take full advantage of digital media. This plan can be bought and used online. There are many savings schemes in the market which have been in operation for years. Fixed-income smart digital plan gives higher returns in comparison. Three features are available in this plan – Guaranteed Returns, Tax Deductible and Life Insurance. That is, with this plan, the customer will get the full benefit of life security along with profit.

Max Life Policybazaar launch life insurance savings plan

This plan is specially designed keeping in mind the youth of today who prefer life insurance along with savings. Let’s know the special things of this plan-

  • You can take this plan online with minimal paperwork. When the plan matures, you will get the benefit of payouts in the shortest possible time.
  • On maturity of the plan, the subscriber is given full guaranteed returns in the form of a single payment.
  • This plan is for five years, and premiums can be paid monthly or annually as per your convenience.
  • You can choose the plan according to your financial need.
  • Paying higher premiums will get you more benefits out of the plan. Depending on your financial need, opting for a plan with a higher premium will yield higher returns.
  • Women will get additional benefits under the scheme. Women will get 0.25 percent more interest in the plan with maturity of five years. Women will get 0.5 percent more return on a ten-year policy.
  • Under this policy, a loan can be taken when there is a need for money.
  • The tax benefit will be available on the premium paid for the plan, and there will be no tax when due. The tax benefit depends on the plan.

This plan is so that savings and life insurance are clubbed together. Traditional plans do not have such a facility as customers have to take separate savings plan and insurance plan separately. The new generation wants a scheme that has both the benefits together. The Max Life plan is also similar. Life insurance can be availed with guaranteed returns.

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