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How To Earn Money From YouTube Shorts (Earn 100$ Daily)

How To Earn Money From YouTube Shorts:The most important thing about YouTube short films is that the views come very quickly.

Let me show you this comparison. You create a video, make it longer than 1 minute, and upload it to YouTube.Chances of getting views on this video are low. But if you upload the same video which meets the criteria of YouTube shorts.

Reviews will definitely come on this. The main reason for getting views is to promote short films through YouTube.Friends, due to more opinion about shorts, many avenues of earning money are opened in front of you.Today I will show you how you can make money from short YouTube videos.I will share my many strategies with you, by implementing them you will be able to earn a lot of money.

How to Earn Money From Youtube Shorts

How To Earn Money From YouTube Shorts
How To Earn Money From YouTube Shorts

1) Through Youtube Monetization –If YouTube short videos are playing inside the YouTube shelf, ads will not appear on it.

But if this video is played in browsing then ads will be played on it and you will be able to earn money.That’s why you need to monetize your channel only then you will be able to earn money from YouTube short clips.

To monetize, you must meet the basic policy of 1000 YouTube subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing time.In addition, your channel must not violate community guidelines.You also need to turn on 2-Step Verification.

2) By Affiliate Marketing –Friends, it is very easy to do short YouTube affiliate marketing and you will be able to sell here easily.To do Affiliate Marketing, you have to follow the steps given by me.

  • 1) First you have to select the product you want to include (eg – dog food)
  • 2) Now you have to create and improve your YouTube channel according to your product
  • For example – I will create a food channel for dogs.
  • 3) Now you have to download your video from pexels or any such platform which provides free videos without copyright.
  • 4) Now you have to edit this video according to the standards of youtube shorts.
  • 5) In the steps given below, you have to upload this Youtube Short Video.
  • 6) Keep the title of this video catchy and a link to your product in the description.
  • 7) You must upload at least 50 videos in the channel, only then you will get good results.
  • (Note:- While editing, you can also write about your product link in your video. This will give you more engagement.)

3) By promoting your channel of Niche –My friends this is also a very good way by which you can earn a lot of money.But for that you have to first develop your channel which is easy to achieve with youtube shorts.You have to keep uploading videos continuously, and your channel will automatically grow.As your channel grows, you can ask people to promote it.With this people will come to you to promote the channel and they will also give you a lot of money.

4.Earn money from YouTube Shorts Fund –Friends, Youtube has recently announced Shorts Fund, from which you can earn money.The question comes what is youtube shorts box. The Shorts Fund is a $100 million fund that will be distributed to eligible creators.The producer will be provided a reduced amount based on his monthly performance.This fund ranges from $100 to $10,000. It will be distributed based on your monthly views and location.

Youtube Shorts Fund Eligibility Criteria

When YouTube becomes clear, this funding will go to the creators of the original videos.Apart from this there are some other requirements which I will tell you about.

  • 1) Your channel must have at least 1 short video uploaded in the last 180 days.
  • 2) Your content follows Youtube’s Community Guidelines, Copyright and Monetization Policy.
  • 3) Channels having third party social media logo and watermark will not be eligible.
  • 4) You will not be eligible even if you upload re-uploaded content and unmodified videos from other creators.

How to Claim YouTube Shorts Bonus

If you qualify for bonus YouTube shorts, YouTube will send you a notification to your email or channel.Friends, you will get this email between 8-10 days of the month. But remember, if you don’t claim it by the 25th of the month, your bounty will expire.

Guys, to claim your Shorts reward, you have to follow two steps.You must first accept the YouTube Terms and Conditions. Second, you must have an Adsense account.If you already have Adsense on your channel, all you have to do is claim the reward. Your money will come to your account.If you do not have an account, you will need to create an account and claim your reward.

How will you receive the Shorts Bonus Payout?

Friends, if you already have Adsense account on your channel, then you will login to payment account between 21st to 26th of the month.

If you don’t, the payment will remain in your Adsense until your account is fully activated.When your account is fully activated, your money will be credited to your account.Friends, the important thing is, when you will be eligible for the August reward, you will receive its payment in September.

8) By branding the channel –
Friends, you have to grow your channel day and night. When your channel grows, there will be a line of advertisers to promote the product on your channel.You can charge them according to your channel views and subscribers.

9) Earn money by sending traffic to the blog –
My friends, in today’s time many bloggers have become YouTubers, they are getting maximum traffic from Youtube on their website.The more visits you have to your blog, the more money you can make through advertising revenue or affiliate marketing.

10) Promote business offline using Youtube –
Friends, if your channel is related to food, then you can make a shortcut to your food recipe.And you can write your store address above the video. If people like your receipt, they will come to your store looking for your address.Many offline businesses have been successful in this way.

11) By selling channel subscription –
Friends, when your channel is monetized, you are also given the option of channel membership, which is known as join.You can also earn through it, you have to enable it. Anyone who likes your video will buy a subscription to your channel.This is where your earning will start.

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