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Queensland Health says it will expect to see cases from recent clusters in the coming days

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Queensland Health says it is “too far,” too early to rest, despite believing that they have recently found the missing link between the cluster of cases, and a doctor who died of the virus earlier this month Tested positive. Man, being the third confirmed as positive in this recent cluster, was identified through contract tracing.

He is the brother of the first person identified and was not contagious at the time of testing, but the serology results indicate that he already was.

Queensland Chief Health Officer Zeenat Young said he believed the third man to be the most recent addition to the Princess Alexandra Hospital cluster.

“This guy was completely fine, completely fine and was raised through our contact tracing process,” Dr. Young said.

“We tested her [and her] her PCR is negative, so she is not currently contagious.

His series is reactive and shows that he has had an infection and recovery. “

PCR, or polymerase chain reaction, is a nucleic acid test used to detect SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA and is the “gold standard” for the diagnosis of COVID-19, according to the Department of Health.

Dr. Young said that while the third man may be a historical case, he felt it was a recent case.

It is most likely that he is recently [COVID] and is one of those missing links between the doctors working in the PA hospital and this most recent cluster, ”she said.

However, Drs. Young said the link could not be confirmed because genome sequencing could not be done.

“We won’t have full evidence about this new case because it doesn’t have any viruses that we can sequence – but it’s very likely,” she said.

Dr. Young said that any information related to any person’s antics would be released for tracing.

“That may or may not be contagious in those places, so we’ll just have to work through all that information,” she said.

“If he has been in some place and infectious, then of course we will release it.”

She warned with decency that the state could still see more cases in the community.


“It is good to see that despite the huge increase in testing, for which I am very grateful, we have no other case,” she said.

“It’s too far, quick to rest because we know that our two current cases have been contagious in the community for the past one week. So we would still expect to see cases.”

Queensland Health

Easter holiday expected ‘relief’

With the Easter holiday just a few days away, the tourism industry hopes the latest COVID will remain under cluster control, helping operators capitalize on the busy holiday period.

Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) owner Daniel Gschwind said the state government’s decision not to let the south-east be in lockdown is good news for the region.

We are now confident that Easter will be exactly the relief we expected, ”he said.

“There are strong bookings across the state and we believe this will be what the industry needs.”

Many holidaymakers and tourism operators are breathing a sigh of relief that the potential growth in the cluster has been postponed.

Queensland Health admitted that a “misunderstanding” had occurred and that the man was at home with five domestic contacts.

It is understood that one in five people in the house does not live there permanently but is classified as a housewife as he was there for several days.

“Uncertainty is the last thing we need,” Mr. Gschwind said.

“We are an industry built on consumer confidence [on] travelers who are sure they can get about this and what they want to do and get home again.

“That’s what we need and that’s what we’re rebuilding at the moment.”

Further updates will be given by Queensland Health today as contact tracing continues in Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

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