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Canada bans passenger flights from India, Pakistan for 30 days due to Covied19

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Canada:In view of the high number of cases of covid-19 among air passengers arriving from India and Pakistan in Canada, Transport Minister Omar Alibhadra announced ban

Canada bans passenger flights from India

Ottawa, Canada:Transport Minister Omar Algabra on Thursday suspended all passenger flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days due to the increasing COVID-19 case in Canada, citing increased Covid-19 cases from passengers arriving from these countries.

“Given the high number of Covid-19 cases in air travelers

arriving from Canada to India and Pakistan … I am suspending all commercial and private passenger flights from India and Pakistan to Canada for 30 days,” Transport Minister Albhabra said in the newspaper

“This is a temporary measure while we assess the good situation and determine the appropriate measures going forward,” he said. And make the attempt to stop COVID-19 a success

This would not apply to cargo flights, Albhabra said, particularly to require continued shipments of vaccines, personal protective equipment and other essential goods.

India, which is being blamed on a “double mutant” variant and super-spreader incidents, reported more than 3,00,000 new cases of Covid-19 in a day on Thursday.

Health Minister Patty Hazdu said that only 1.8 percent of travelers in Canada have tested positive for coronavirus overall.

Although India has a 20 percent share in recent air trips to Canada, more than half of all positive tests at the border were from flights coming from the country, adding that “there have been similar high-level cases….” Connected with Pakistan. “

, Ban on non-essential flights to Covid hotspots


Canada had briefly suspended flights from the UK last December over concerns about an outbreak of a Covid version.

Earlier on Thursday, parliament voted unanimously urging the government to ban non-essential flights from Covid’s hotspots, where several regions have grown, including India and Brazil.

Albhabra said that currently there are no scheduled flights between Canada and Brazil, but stated that “we would not hesitate to ban travel to other countries if covid19 remains high”.

According to media reports, several dozen cases of the virus type have already been declared in Canada in India.

Some countries have taken similar steps to prevent the outbreak of covid19 for a similar reason: The United Arab Emirates announced on Thursday that it would suspend all flights from India.

Britain has also banned entry of passengers from India this week, and France has announced that they will be subject to 10-day quarantine upon arrival in the country.

All Canadian travelers are already mandated for the 14-day quarantine. He must also submit a negative Covid test before boarding an international flight, and another when arriving in Canada.

Struggling with the third wave of infection, Canada on Thursday recorded 9,000 new Covid-19 cases, with a total of 1,151,276 cases and 23,812 deaths.

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