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Resident Evil Village Story Spoilers Reddit Explained 2021

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Resident Evil Village Story Spoilers Reddit:The wait is finally over ladies and gentlemen resident evil village is finally out with it we embark on a new but subsequent journey with ethan winters the mysterious protagonist from resident evil 7.

The predecessor resident evil installment to this game which unveils some of the mysteries of the last game.

Resident Evil Village Story Spoilers Reddit

Resident evil village as a subsequent installment to resident evil 7 which i made a few videos about which i will put the cards above if you wish to update yourself with what happened until now resident evil village is yet another game from the series which players experience in first person perspective which also inherits some elements from the much beloved resident evil 4.

Which was one of the games and the series i played non-stop until i finished it when it came out this game is available on majority of the gaming platforms including ps5 and xbox series x and s and with that said let’s get right into the video in here i will go over the story and summarize it for you so be in short whatever dialogue or information

You missed in the game will be mentioned here if they had any kind of significance to the story i will also attempt to theorize and explain some of the more ambiguous sides of the story but i will briefly touch on them as explaining and theorizing about characters locations and other elements would take several videos on their own alright

let’s go the game starts on a creepy story told by mia ethan’s wife whom he saved from the previous game from the baker’s house this time around they have a child called rose up to a year old as they seem to have been trying to move on from the past tragedies which took place three years ago

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The main plot of the story mia recites is that the girl in the story takes more and more without considering what they will cost in return ethan objects to mia that this story is too creepy for rose and mia should be careful due to their past trauma which mia suddenly lashes out saying that she didn’t forget seeming a little different and insecure worried

That she might get possessed again ethan takes rose to her bed and shows his affections to her depicting how protective and loving he is towards his daughter a great way of storytelling by the game as they focus on more showing than telling this trend continues as we get hints that mia and ethan are in a house far from their home back in usa the story mia read she insists that to be a famous local fairy tale and that she cooks a food called chobra de legume

Resident Evil Village Story Spoilers Reddit
Resident Evil Village Story Spoilers Reddit

Which she says to be a local food too which ethan responds that she has gone full native after a bit of research i found this dish is found in romania therefore it seems that the reformed blue umbrella corp with chris redfield working for them has taken both mia and ethan and a witness protection type of house to protect them from the past

incident but why the umbrella corp has taken him is still a mystery to this point we then learned that chris did indeed take them here and that they received military training just to be safe for future unpredictable incidents air quotes as we know things will indeed go sideways just as mia and ethan start the conversation that ethan is cautious and says that we need to be careful while mia says that they need to move on and relax mia gets shot through the window ethan

takes cover and crawls down while mia gets shot multiple times before she collapses into the floor crest then arrives and repeatedly shoots mia in the head presumably finishing her off with a silenced pistol kristen takes rose to which ethan complains i said get your hands off her ethan no which results in him getting hit with a butt of a gun we are then treated to a nicely animated flashback while ethan is

passed out where mia is a completely different person who is constantly worried about something something that she seems to want to tell ethan but she can’t ethan then snaps back to reality to a phone ringing where he finds himself in snow with bodies of soldiers lying around he picks up the phone meant for the soldier asking if the

package is secured before the line drops as he gets up he sees a black suv flapped on its side and he embarks on walking through a dark forest entering a location that says do not enter as he moves further through the dark creepy forest he finds a little cabin where she enters he finds a picture of a religious figure whom we learn to be mother miranda he leaves the cabin to find himself near a village with

a castle atop the hell with the sky brightening up as he investigates more he finds empty houses as if they have been just abandoned ethan then suddenly encounters a cowering scared man with a shotgun he seems fidgety and on edge he moves around scared of something or some things before he hands ethan a pistol and gets

taken by a hand through the roof ethan then himself gets pulled by this monstrous hand but down the floor he finds corpses up on corpses in the basement ethan then gets attacked by a lycan and gets two of his fingers bit enough as if he didn’t suffer enough stabbing and dismemberment in the previous game i’m really starting to emphasize with ethan now a mightly shocked ethan who’s not new to these kind

of things uses the gun that was given to him by the old man and shoots down the lycan after playing through a lot of ethan then suddenly gets shot by an arrow which then mobilizes him he gets surrounded by lycans why a master massive lykan with a massive hammer gets a good glimpse of him just when ethan is about to be

rested in peace mysterious bell’s rank and all of the lykans leave letting ethan alone a mysterious witch-like old lady appears and then leaves whom ethan follows the old woman tells ethan that he rosa’s father and since mother miranda brought rose to the village the village has fallen into darkness he finds a little temple where they have mother miranda’s image hung up in the middle while the other main four houses are on the side house demetrisk house heisenberg

husband of viento anthous moreau whom we will discuss more in depth and later videos it and then soon meets the cynical leonardo and his daughter elena they lead ethan to luiza’s house where she claims to have been a safe place for centuries and this house remains some survivors who seem to have all been scarred and scared they all

pray to mother miranda in hopes of her saving them a type of prayer that seems to be traditional in their village hear our voice together as one in reverence we call on thee within the endless dark then suddenly leonardo turns into a lichen killing everyone in the house apart from ethan and elena who managed to evade him this causes some of the

lanterns to fall and engulfed the house in flames a few minutes later elena and ethan climbed to the highest floor of the house where they find leonardo asking for help seeming to be back to himself standing on a fragile wood plank elena goes to his aid but the plank collapses making them both fall into the fire presumably dying a disappointed ethan voices his opinions and where he stands in this whole situation

and goes further in order to find his daughter going into the open field he sees mother miranda in distance chokeholding a villager before mercilessly finishing him off therefore death’s mother miranda is not as benevolent as the village seems to think ethan manages to open the garden gates of the castle reminiscing the words elena said before her death nothing awaits butt blood and death in the castle as ethan

approaches the cellar of the castle he encounters heisenberg who can control metal telekinetically heisenberg takes ethan to mother miranda where they have a round table of evils who discuss how they should kill ethan lady demetrius suggests to kill him privately in the castle and torture him while heisenberg says that he wants to put up a show and publicly torment ethan for everyone to watch mother

miranda sides with heisenberg’s decision despite lady d’s objections heisenberg gives ethan a countdown letting him have some lead time to be chased you know the typical evil guy plan which always backfires they’re so bored of killing and torturing that they want to entertain themselves somehow ethan manages to evade a set of

booby traps and cut his handcuffs continuing on his search ethan encounters the duke a mysterious merchant man who we will talk about more in depth in later videos ethan then enters the castle named after lady d which means it’s hers first thing we stumble upon is a victorian era type of painting of three young women who are

named bella cassandra and daniela whom are all the daughters of lady d the vampires which insinuates they have been alive for a very long time not long after ethan then meets the three vampire daughters of lady d who are even more psychopathic than heisenberg they take ethan straight to lady d who gives him a typical villain talk they talk

amongst themselves how they want to devour ethan but lady d says first they need to inform mother miranda they hook ethan up from his hands and very typically just leave him on his own when she manages to escape of course you may ask how though well it’s far from comfort he literally rips his hands open from the side of the piercings

by the hooks no god please no no no no even pours some holy water what i presume to be over his hands and he’s all dandy and dory we then read some memoirs of a person who worked in the castle in 1958 he explains how he was the only man working in the castle he explains

that the daughters killed a maid right in front of him and that they were adamant that they won’t bite then finally the last memoir suggests that the man is taken down into a cellar presumably where all men are taken to be enslaved mindless vampires he then then goes deep into the cellar where he finds medieval tools of torture and


encounters some of the enslaved vampires after being chased by some of the daughters ethan finally faces off one of them and kills them by the aid of an open window as suggested in the man’s memoirs in 1958 they seem to be allergic to open windows and by that i mean they will become vulnerable to kill ethan eves drops on

lady d having a phone conversation and hears that mother miranda only cares about a mysterious ceremony which lady d is not too fond of but doesn’t say anything against mother miranda in front of her but as soon as the phone call drops lady d lashes out to hell with a ceremony that man will pay for what he’s done ethan finds some of

lady dee’s memoirs which i’m sorry to conclude but sounds like she’s a completely spoiled brat she complains that she’s better than all of the houses she has been given eternal life the castle and obedient daughters by mother miranda why is she treated the same she should be treated better damn it i had high hopes for lady d i think a lot of us did i guess personality wins over everything else and she doesn’t

seem to fit the bell unfortunately lady d finds ethan and throws him down in the cellar through broken floors as he then tries to escape lady d slices off ethan’s right hand like hot knife through butter this is probably bringing back memories to ethan as he says similar things to the last game lady also says similar things to ethan as she did in her memoirs you’ll be sliced to ribbons lady d sets on chasing after ethan

before he collects his severed hand ethan then pours some water over where his hand used to be and puts the severed hand there and then just turns it a little bit which starts functioning as if he’s a robot with his part plugged back in he then dismisses the fact that he performed a miracle just now and utters good like what is in a dream or reality because this looks very surreal ethan then stumbles upon a book which explains about what the flies that compile

the daughters are they apparently create human forms when they get together they are carnivorous and can reproduce by laying eggs inside a host they are also susceptible to cold temperatures if the temperature drops below 10 degrees celsius they would go into a dormant state therefore

the daughters might be nothing but a collection of these flies and that is why they don’t like open windows cold can make them vulnerable not a great place to live then if you ask me they would be better off in a hot exotic island than looking all gloomy and doomy certainly a strange choice of location to live in it then then takes on another daughter and destroys her ethan escapes

lady and then suddenly encounters the duke again in one of the rooms in the castle yeah the duke is as cryptic as he can get i’ll theorize about him in no time ethan then takes on the last daughter and finishes her off ethan then learns about a medieval dagger that is coated with a specific poison that can kill monsters and demons he finds

it in a chapel and uses it to stab lady d in an exchange where lady d stabs ethan with her claws too lady d then transforms into a massive overshadowing monster with wings there are a few funny exchanges in the battle where lady d says this nice touch nice touch indeed ethan manages to kill lady d and they both fall from the top of the castle to

the ground floor where ethan stands up without a scratch is it me or as ethan likes superman not much later ethan sees the old witch again who tells ethan that rose has to be sacrificed a life for life and we find umbrella signs on the house sigils he then stumbles upon the duke once more where he tells ethan that ethan is holding his

daughter in his hand a flask with dirty water he picked up earlier in the castle he wipes the flask and reads the label saying rosemary’s head but the duke says if you go to a house with a red chimney you could still save your daughter even though she’s been decapitated he also tells ethan that rose has very unique powers after collecting some

feather the duke continues on that there are four flasks in total the other three are with the other three lords of the village who serve under mother miranda donna beneviento the doll maker moreau the twisted manfish and heisenberg the most dangerous who conducts

experiments in his factory when ethan asks duke why he’s helping him he simply answers adds in the nature of our customer care service which means there are more of them there ethan then goes to the depths of the mist where the house beneviento is located he has some hallucinations there of mia and rose and stumbles upon

beneviento’s grave whom died at the age of 9 in 1996 with a grave engraving suggesting that she is free from flesh if you thought the castle was creepy wait for donna donna is one creepy person that presumably can get in your head when ethan enters house beneviento he finds the next flask containing rosa’s legs on the doll we met before

angie when he tries to take it things become pitch black and he loses his gun presumably going into a surreal world in the room there lies a female dull inhuman shape resembling mia having a picture of her and her wedding ring ethan then encounters donna who controls all the dolls with her most used doll angie with the bridal dress ethan

repeatedly snaps angie the doll on several encounters which turns out to be donna herself who made ethan hallucinate donna apparently was disfigured as a kid which resulted in her isolating herself her father made angie for her as company which she kept by her side till now there is more information about her which i will talk about in another video ethan then heads to morose reservoir and there he finds

rosa’s arms moreo tells ethan that miranda wants rose to reincarnate her own dead baby that’s what the old witch meant by life for life ethan then suddenly meets chris who tells them they’re here for a purpose and saves ethan when a monstrous fish tries to attack them in the boathouse this monstrous fish seems to be connected to moreau in some way etham manages to kill this fish and goes on to finally

collect the last flask which is rosa’s torso after placing the flask in a pedestal kind of thing ethan manages to create a new path by rising a bridge which leads directly to heisenberg’s factory in a turn of events ethan finds a secret room where pictures of everyone is hanging heisenberg then shows up and says that he’s being played by mother miranda to see if ethan is strong enough to become part of the family which means sacrificing her serving lords or children as she likes to

call them heisenberg suggests to ethan that they can together use rose who is apparently very powerful to kill miranda ethan refuses and faces heisenberg’s anger as he then goes further into the factory he finds the outcomes of some of heisenberg’s experiments man mended with machine creating some really innovative high-tech

monsters eisenberg then continues to explain that miranda took some broken children like himself and the other lords locked them away in the village to serve miranda for decades ethan then suddenly meets chris trying to repair a tank looking vehicle chris explains the woman they tried to kill in this house was not mia but miranda shape-shifting

into mia it seems as if she still survived and all the lords and monsters in the village are her work she’s simply gone insane chris explains more that she has a bio weapon and the mold is still in play causing all the crazy stuff happening ethan takes on a transformed heisenberg and destroys him right after miranda shows up disguised like mia she then gets back to her original shape and explains what is happening

while transforming back into different shapes including the old witch woman she explains that rose as the true form of evelyn from the previous game rose is powerful enough to have absolute control over the mold causing absolute havoc and a lot more controlling people’s minds have powers immunity and much more she says that rose will grow to fully control masses and that miranda should have her she

explains the mold includes all of them including ethan she continues whether rose was born naturally and that she used ethan to understand rose presumably better miranda takes ethan’s heart quite literally and presumably kills him we then learned by chris as he goes on a monologue that they try to extract miranda’s buddy and also took ethan’s and roses to confirm if they’re infected or not by miranda but it

turned out that miranda wasn’t dead and made the suv crash we briefly take control of chris who takes down lykans like a badass we soon learned that the source of the mold which was found in the baker’s residence was in fact from here as chris dives deeper into the village he finds mia inside a dungeon cell who says she was

experimented on mia says that chris is wrong that ethan is dead he’s very special to be dead and guess what she’s damn right we get back to ethan who is very alive still he sees evelyn who tells him that ethan was always dead asking him why he didn’t find that strange how he survived after getting hurt so much this explains how ethan could simply rep his hands just put back his detached hand and more

without much burden evelyn tells ethan that he was murdered by jack three years ago that ethan is nothing but mold ethan was the cause of infecting mia and bringing to life a child born from a mold he then snaps back to reality and finds himself in the duke’s moving cart taking ethan to miranda he asks duke who or what he is but he simply

answers that it doesn’t even know that probably a product of the mold or mega my seat as i said let’s leave it for another video etham finds miranda performing the ceremony but her daughter ava doesn’t actually come to life and it’s rose all over again ethan then destroys miranda and retrieves rose at which point he finds himself crystallizing too just how every lord and monster was dying in the village as well similar to how people died back in baker’s residence therefore it seems as if miranda was the source of it al

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