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Free Fire Redeem Codes 1 June 2021: Emote, backpack skin and more for free

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REDEEM CODES consists of 12 characters consisting of alphabets in English along with numbers. Here we are telling you about the FREE FIRE Redeem Codes of May 30, with the help of which you can get free items on different regions and servers.

What is Free Fire Redeem Code | How To Get Redeem Code Reward

Free fire Battle Royal Game Diamond is required to buy new skin, character, weapon. And there is a premium currency for diamond free fire. For which players have to topup.

Free Fire Redeem Code for 1 June 2021

We have made things easy for you by bringing

a list of free fire redeem codes for 1 June. Here is the list of free fire redeem codes that work:

How to Get Free Fire diamonds for free in 2021:Top 3 Ways
  • RJ12-0RGS-KAIG
  • AJDG-753H-LHS5
  • BSJS-FSIG-58H3

How to claim free fire redeem code?

In order to claim the free fire redeem code a few steps have to be followed, which are mentioned here:

Step 1: First of all, go to the Free Fire Rewards page on your browser or click on this link.

Step 2: Next, log in using your Google, Apple, Huawei, or VK account on the Free Fire Rewards page.


Step 3: The page will reload now and after that, you will have to enter the free fire redeem code of your choice. Once done, the rewards or benefits received will be directly reflected in the mail section of the Free Fire Gaming App on your mobile.

Free Fire Redeem Codes
Free Fire Redeem Codes


Indonesia server: On Indonesia server you can use the code FF8MBDXPVCB1. With the help of this redeem code you will get Shuffling emote and 10x Magic Cube Fragments in Free Fire.

Middle East server: You can use HAPPYBDAYMR1 code on Middle East server. With the help of this redeem code, you will get Musical Monkey backpack, Diamond Royale Voucher and Maro Fragments in

Free Fire. How to use redeem codes

To use redeem codes, you must first visit Free Fire’s rewards redemption website. The address of this website is reward.ff.garena.com/. Login to your Free Fire account here. If you use a guest account, you will need to link it to Facebook, Google, VK, Apple ID or Twitter.

After logging in you will find a box in which you will have to enter the redeem code. After entering the code, a dialog box will appear in which information about the reward will be found. These rewards will automatically come in the mail section of your Free Fire account.

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