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Yoga For Beginners Weight Loss 2021 Tips & Guide

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Yoga For Beginners Weight Loss 2021:Yoga is a beautiful exercise and in order to lose weight this fact requires strenuous energy to burn. Both are contradictory, but once digging deeper there is rhyme. Since it does not burn more calories, it is always a question of how to promote yoga for weight loss. Practicing yoga is beneficial for both your mind and body. It creates the best version of you that you have always dreamed of. Yoga postures can be sedentary, but it does magic in your body.

Yoga For Beginners Weight Loss 2021 Guide

Yoga For Beginners Weight Loss
Yoga For Beginners Weight Loss: Boat pose Guide

This yoga pose is a full body exercise, which breaks your core and increases muscle strength. It strengthens muscles and promotes metabolism. Thus burns more calories and promotes weight loss.

  • Sit upright with legs extended on yoga mats
  • Now bend the knees.
  • Raise your feet above the floor as if your calf is parallel to the floor
  • Spread your hands parallel to the floor
  • Hold the pose for about 30 seconds
  • Now leave it for 5 times and repeat

Yoga For Beginners Weight Loss: Board up Guide


It is a hard nut to crack for beginners but greatly benefits weight loss. If you wish for rock hard abs, then dive into an upward plank posture. It is one of the best yoga postures for weight loss.

  • Sit with your legs spread and straightened.
  • Place your hands behind your hips, fingers pointing to the feet.
  • Prepare to get up slowly, with your legs straight and pointing
  • Try to pull your head back while getting up. This may seem a bit daunting at first, this is the exact opposite of our push up position. But exercises make a man perfect and fit

Yoga For Beginners Weight Loss Warrior pose Guide

As a warrior tore himself with a warrior pose.

  • Stand upright with your feet
  • Stretch your legs forward and backward
  • Now bend your front leg knees and keep the other parallel to the floor.
  • Raise your hands above the head.
  • Hold the posture as much as possible (never strain yourself too much which can end in pain).
  • Now switch the side and repeat it the same way.

Yoga For Beginners Weight Loss Bhujangasana Guide

  • This asana mainly works on strengthening your abdominal muscles and relaxing the lower back.
  • Lie on the floor, face down.
  • Extend your hands on the floor, next to your shoulders.
  • Bring your feet backwards, over the feet touching the floor and inhale slowly and raise your upper body.
  • Make sure that your pubis and toes form a straight line and touch the floor.
  • Release and exhale and come back to the position of lying down.

Dhanurasana (Bow pose) Yoga Workout

  1. Dhanurasana (bow pose) Although it looks easy, this pose can be quite a challenge for your abs, which will really help to make them stronger. 4 How to perform: Lie on the floor with your face. Bend your knees and hold your feet with your hands. Inhale and raise both your hands and feet, as well as your thighs and chest. Hold this pose for 30 seconds, gradually increase it to 90 seconds. Continue with one exhalation.

Shalabhasana Yoga Workout

Shalabhasana derives its name from the Sanskrit word meaning grasshopper. Here is how you can do this asana and the various benefits of doing it as well. This best asana to lose weight increases your metabolism and improves digestion. Along with helping to reduce abdominal fat, it also makes your shoulders, stomach and chest muscles strong. This asana also helps to relieve tension and improve posture.

  • Lie on the abdomen with arms relaxed beside you. The forehead should rest on the floor and the palms should be open. Turn the big toes towards each other. Keep your buttock firm. While exhaling, lift your head, legs, hands and upper torso off the floor. Make your heel and legs strong. Raise your fingers parallel to the floor and stretch through the fingers. Runs towards the roof. Look straight, keeping the neck and back straight. Hold the position for 30 seconds before exhaling.

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