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Fitness7 Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home 2021

7 Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home 2021

Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home:Is belly fat bothering you? Melt It Like Butter With These 7 Exercises To Lose Belly Fat! These exercises work by moving every muscle in the body and at the same time strengthen your core.

It is normal to have a little extra padding around the middle of the body, but we have to understand that to look fit, you have to be firm. So it is impossible to lose your full belly in 2 weeks, you can reduce it quickly by reducing your weight and body fat. All you have to do is eat the right foods (reduce calories in the process), improve your exercise routine and make some lifestyle changes for the next 2 weeks. Keep up your efforts to lose even more belly fat in the long run!

Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

1.Crunches alone can’t reduce your fat, but they can only accelerate fat loss results when combined with other exercises. In addition, crunches strengthen your abdominal muscles and give them a toned look.

Steps to perform Crunches Exercise

  • lay on your back
  • Slowly bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground.
  • Now place your hands behind your neck and rest your hands on the palms.
  • Take a deep breath and slowly raise your upper torso as you exhale
  • keep your neck and head relaxed
  • Inhale back to the original position

2.Bicycle Abdominal Exercise:The bicycle abdominal exercise is considered to be one of the most effective exercises to reduce the lower abdominal fat in the body.

  • lie down on the ground on a mat
  • Make sure your lower body is pressed firmly to the floor.
  • Place your hands on the sides of your hand to support it.
  • Now raise your torso and bend one leg towards the chest. Keep the other foot on the ground.
  • Twist your body to bring your opposite hand closer to this knee. You don’t need to touch it or go beyond the limits of your body.
  • Now lower your arm and your leg at the same time. Take a rest
  • Repeat this process in alternate direction

3.Planks: When it comes to strengthening your core and reducing belly fat at the same time, nothing can beat the benefits of plank exercise. By engaging multiple muscles in the body, this workout can also improve your posture and flexibility. Firstly, you can try this easy forearm plank exercise to reduce belly fat.

  • Lie face down and place your arms, toes on the floor
  • Now bend your arms at the elbows and come into push up position.
  • Raise your body and balance the entire weight on the toes and elbows
  • Keep your arms and face parallel to the ground.
  • Make sure to keep your abs tight and straight.
  • hold the position for as long as you can
  • rest and return to normal posture

4.Leg Lifts:Leg lift is the best workout in exercise which reduce the fat in the lower abdomen. This is a kind of simple exercise in which only your legs have to be raised. This is also called a “hanging leg raise”, because in this you limit the movement of the arm and body.

Steps to perform Leg Lifts

  • Lie on your back and place your hands on the ground
  • Keep your head straight.
  • take a deep breath
  • Now slowly raise both the legs and do it while exhaling
  • Do not bend your knees or move your body.
  • Maintain the pose for 15-20 seconds
  • Inhale back to the starting position

5.Lunge Twist:The lunge twist is one of the best exercises to reduce belly fat and lower back. It also strengthens your glutes, spinal column and your overall core.

  • Stand straight with your feet apart from each other.
  • Now bend your left leg only. Step your right leg backward and stretch it as far as you can.
  • Rotate your torso to the left and bend forward to touch your elbow to the knee
  • Return to the starting position
  • Repeat the movement on the other side

6.Stomach Vacuum:Belly vacuum is one of the best tummy trimming exercises, popularized by renowned yoga guru, Baba Ramdev. Although it looks easy, it takes time and effort to do the asana perfectly. This exercise involves sucking in your abs to target the transversus abdominis, which can result in tight abdominal muscles. Doing this regularly can give you a slimmer waist and a stronger core area.

  • Sit it in Padmasana position.
  • Place your hands on the hips.
  • expel all the air from your lungs
  • Now expand your chest and suck in your stomach as much as you can.
  • stay in this position for sometime
  • Ideally, the navel should touch the spine (which takes time to master)
  • Repeat this 10 times

7.Walking Pushup:Have you ever heard of walking pushups? This is one of the best exercises to reduce belly. Since it moves all the muscles of the body, this exercise can burn fat evenly and can specifically target the upper abdominal area. Along with a lower abdominal area, this exercise can tone your shoulders and arms as well.

  • Tilt your body down and maintain normal push up position
  • Now raise your upper body and balance the weight on your arms and toes.
  • Keep your palms firmly on the ground.
  • Now, do a push up and move your left leg to the side, followed by the right leg.
  • Repeat this step and move to the side, as if you were walking to the side
  • Once you reach a certain position, you can move to the right using the same technique.
Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home
Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

Load up on different colors of vegetables. Vegetables are relatively low in calories and contain lots of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber to keep you healthy and satisfied. Eat about 2 to 3 cups of vegetables per day to reduce calories for the next 2 weeks.


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