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FitnessBest yoga poses for weight loss and flat stomach

Best yoga poses for weight loss and flat stomach

Best yoga poses for weight loss and flat stomach:An obese person may be at risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, high blood pressure and cancer (1). Meanwhile, according to research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), regular yoga practice can be beneficial for reducing belly fat.

Not only does it reduce obesity, but it can also be beneficial in reducing the risk of diseases and physical problems caused by it.

Best yoga poses for weight loss and flat stomach
Best yoga poses for weight loss and flat stomach

Top 3 Best yoga poses for weight loss and flat stomach


Practicing Tadasana as a yoga pose can be a good start to reduce belly fat. By doing this, a stretch can be felt in the whole body. Also blood flow can be better. Meanwhile, research published on the NCBI website found that practicing Tadasana along with other yoga poses can help reduce excess abdominal fat. At the same time, apart from reducing obesity, it can also be done to increase height.

First of all, stand straight and keep your legs, waist and neck straight.

Now taking a deep breath, take the fingers of the hands above the head and while taking a deep breath, pull the whole body up. The palms should be facing the sky.

Simultaneously, raise your ankles as well. The balance of the whole body should come on the toes.

During this, feel the stretch from the toes to the top of the hands.

Stay in this position for a few seconds and keep inhaling and exhaling at a normal pace.

Then slowly return to the first position.

At least two or three of these courses can be conducted simultaneously.


It can be chosen in yoga, which works to reduce the stomach. While doing this, the body comes in a triangle-like position, hence the name Trikonasana. Trikona means three angles and asana means posture. Research on various yoga postures has found that Trikunasana along with other yoga postures can be beneficial in reducing belly fat.

Stand about two feet between your feet. Keep both the hands straight beside the body.

Now spread your hands away from the body to the shoulder and while inhaling, raise the right hand up and close the ear.

Then slowly while exhaling, bend from the waist to the left. During this, the right hand should remain near the ear and the knees should not be bent.


Now try to make the right hand parallel to the ground. Also try to touch the left ankle with the left hand.

Stay in this position for 10-30 seconds and keep breathing at normal speed.

Then while breathing come back to normal position.

Do the same on the right side.

Three to four such cycles can be done.


Parsva means side. While doing this yoga, the body takes a lateral posture, hence it is called Parsvakonasana. Many physical problems can be overcome by doing this regularly. At the same time, it was told in research that practicing Parsvakonasana can help in reducing hip and thigh fat. From this we can assume that by doing this the belly fat can also be reduced to some extent.

First of all, stand straight and then keep a distance of about three to four feet between both the feet.

After this, rotate the right leg at an angle of 90 degrees.

Then taking a deep breath, bring the arms away from the body and bring them to the shoulder line.

Now while exhaling, bend the right knee at an angle of 90 degrees and bend to the right.

Now try to place your right hand on the floor behind the right foot. If you have trouble keeping your hand on the ground, try touching the ground with your fingers.

At the same time, try to bring the left hand to the ear by turning 60 degrees and try to see the fingers of the left hand. Breathe normally during this.

Stay in this position for as long as possible and then return to the normal position while breathing.

Then repeat the same process on the left side.


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