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FinanceTrue Balance Personal loan Apply For A Loan As A Student

True Balance Personal loan Apply For A Loan As A Student

True Balance Personal loan:This is an android application which provides online loan. With this app you can apply for loans faster and the best part is that this app is 100% approved and licensed by RBI NBFCs, this loan is only through RBI licensed NBFCs. So this application is 100% safe and secure.

True Balance Personal loan Apk Download

TrueBalance is an instant personal loan mobile app that offers loans ranging from INR 5,000 to 50,000 for self-employed and digitally paid individuals without any paperwork. TrueBalance app provides loan to people with repayment period of 62 to 90 days, interest rate ranges from 5% to 9%

True Balance Personal loan
True Balance Personal loan

True Balance Personal loan Benefits

  • You can easily take a loan of up to ₹ 50,000 through this app.
  • With this app you can take a loan of ₹ 50,000 for up to six months.You do not need any salary slip to take loan from this app.
  • Whatever loan you get from this app, you can directly transfer it to your bank account.
  • With this app you can get loan from any Indian state.

With True Balance, you can get a loan of Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000 in 5 minutes, which you can also transfer to your bank account.

How much interest do we get on the loan so that there is no problem in future. So if you talk about this app, then you will have to pay 5% monthly interest on any loan available in this app and EMI of 3-6 months will be given.

True Balance Personal loan Documents

Pan Card

Aadhaar Card for Address Proof

True Balance Personal loan Loan Apply

First of all, download and install the True Balance App from the Play store. App Link : Click Here

After that you have to open True Balance App and accept all the terms and click on Agree and continue.

This is to allow all the permissions, after that choose the language and click on start.


Enter the mobile number in it and do it next, then choose the password. Then the mobile number you have entered will receive a 6-digit OTP, you have to fill it, just your True Balance account will be created.

Here you have to click on Cash loan. In this you have to do KYC for the first time. For this, you have to click Confirm, after that you have to accept the terms and then choose the language.

Here you have to enter your PAN card number and click on Proceed.

In this, you have to enter the mobile number which should be linked with the Aadhar card, then after entering the Aadhar number, click on Proceed.

You will have to fill the OTP on the Aadhar number link mobile number and click on proceed, after which your Aadhaar Card Detail Verify will be done. Then click on Go to cash loan.

In this, you have to choose the amount as much as you need, then click on Next, after that your Personal Detail Fill has to be taken as if you are Married or Unmarried, your Qualification Etc.

It will require three months bank statement which should be in PDF file. To upload you have to click on upload PDF file, then click on I confirm. Then choose the file and upload it. You can withdraw the statement from your Net Banking. Your Statement will be uploaded, then click on Click here to finish. Just your application will be submitted. And your loan will be approved. Now you can see on your home page how much loan you will get.

To take a loan, click on Take loan. After that a Loan Section Letter will be downloaded, you can read it.

Here you can transfer your loan amount to your bank account or wallet.


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