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SSC 5th Week Assignment PDF Download 2021

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ssc 5th week assignment pdf download 2021:SSC Assignments 2021 has been published on the official website of DSHE on the fifth week. SSC aspirants who are eagerly waiting for Five Week SSC Recruitment Question can get recently published Fifth Week SSC 2021 Recruitment from Department of Secondary and Higher Education of our website. The fifth week consists of History, Physics, Chemistry, Entrepreneurship, Geography, Accounting, Civics and Higher Mathematics. Where the humanities, sciences and business combinations matter. So, submit your group wise SSC 2021 Assignment Answer Key 5th week.

SSC 5th Week Assignment PDF Download 2021
SSC 5th Week Assignment PDF Download 2021

SSC 2021 Assignment 5th Week PDF Download is ready for you. SSC 2021 appointment will end day by day. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th week of SSC is over. It is expected that SSC aspirants have successfully completed it last week. So the SSC 2021 Answer Form given to us by the students of SSC 2021 exam was very helpful. We are able to successfully complete each week with your support. I hope we can do the same in future. The SSC assignments in the fifth week are as important as every week.

Level: SSC Exam 2021, Category: Humanities, Subject: History of Bangladesh and World Civilization, Subject Code: 153, Total No.: 16, Assignment No.: 04 Chapter 3, Assignment: Ancient Bengal

ssc 5th week assignment pdf download 2021

Assignment: Draw a map of ancient Bengal and mark the towns and describe which cities the present district of Tamar was under.

Learning Outcomes/Materials:

a) be able to identify and describe the present location of the settlements of ancient Bengal on a map;

b) be able to explain the importance of settlements in the search for information on ancient Bengal;

c) Would be interested to know the importance of villages in getting an idea about the history of ancient Bengal;


a) To prepare a map of ancient Bengal and mark it in villages;

b) explain the importance of settlements;

c) explain the concept of history of ancient Bengal;

d) his explanation of the settlement which included the present district of the student;

Level: SSC Exam 2021, Category: Science, Subject: Physics, Subject Code: 138, Total No.: 10, Assignment No.: 04

Chapter Four, Assignment: Functions, Power and Power


Assignment: The Story of Renewable Energy: Hydrology is one of the oldest sources of energy, used to generate electricity around the world, especially in remote areas. The potential can also be tapped in Bangladesh. T is a hydroelectric power station.

Pictured: A hydroelectric plant

A) At which position of the figure the potential energy of water is minimum? In 30 minutes water loses 5.0 x 10 ° J of energy and generates 4.5 x 10 J of electrical energy;

b) determine the efficiency of energy conversion.

c) express electrical energy in 4.5 x 10 J watts (W unit);

d) analyze the impact of hydroelectric power plants on the environment of Bangladesh;

e) What type of energy is hydroelectricity? draw up a chart describing the economic, social and environmental impacts of such other forces;

Learning Outcomes/Materials

a) be able to analyze the contribution of major sources of energy considering economic, social and environmental impacts;

b) be able to interpret the power;

c) be able to measure efficiency;


a) The following should be followed on pages 110-112 of the text book;

b) follow the part described on pages 119-120 of the text book;

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