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1 June 2021 Daily Current Affairs In Hindi & English

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Current Affairs In Hindi:1 June 2021 current affairs include all the important questions of today. (Today current affairs in hindi) If you study them completely (aaj ki current affairs) then you will cover exams like SSC, GD, Railway and Banking very easily. ( gk today current affairs in hindi )

Recently the Center has extended and liberalized insurance compensation schemes under which of the following to reduce the financial difficulties due to the death of a single earning member in the family?

current affairs in hindi

A. Employees State Insurance Corporation B. Employee Provident Fund Organization C. Both 1 and 2 D. none of these Answer-  C. Both 1 and 2

Recently in May 2021, the central government has approved how many additional green zone sites for no-permission-no-takeoff, NPNT compliant drone operations to facilitate, streamline and promote drone operations in the country ?

A. 166 B. 142 C. 158 D. none of these

Answer – A. 166

Recently which state announced financial assistance for children losing both their parents due to COVID Is it? A. Bihar B. Haryana C. Punjab D. Gujarat Answer-  D. Gujarat

1 June 2021 current affairs in hindi

Recently in May 2021, the central government has given a grant of Rs 5,117 crore to which state under the Jal Jeevan Mission? A. Madhya Pradesh B. Rajasthan C. Rajasthan D. Gujarat Answer – A. Madhya Pradesh

Recently which state has announced Chief Minister Shishu Seva Yojana for the welfare of children who lost their parents due to COVID-19?

A. Sikkim B. West Bengal C. Assam D. Meghalaya

Answer – C. Assam

Recently the Uttar Pradesh government has started the Bal-Seva scheme for the children who lost their parents due to the COVID pandemic. How much per Rs. Will provide financial support of the month?


A. 3,000 B. 3,500 C. 4,000 D. 4,500

Answer – C. 4,000

Today current affairs in hindi

Recently who will bring Nano Urea in the market in June 2021? A. Krishak Bharati Cooperative B.Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative C.National Fertilizers D.National Chemicals and Fertilizers Answer – B. Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative

Recently in Tennis, who won the Belgrade Open title by defeating Alex Molcan of Slovakia in Serbia, on 30 May 2021?

A. Rafael Nadal B. Novak Djokovic C. Dominic Thiem D. Roger Federer

Answer – B. Novak Djokovic

Which state celebrated its foundation day recently on May?

A. Jharkhand B. Mizoram C. Goa D. Sikkim

Answer-  C. Goa

Who recently beat Manchester City 1-0 in the All-English final at the Estadio do Drago in Porto, Portugal, nine years after their first win in the Champions League won?

A. Liverpool B. Leicester City C. Everton D. Chelsea

Answer – D. Chelsea

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