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First Share Provide Latest tech news stories in the city through our website, helping our viewers make better decisions through our detailed reviews that really mean the most to the end consumer.

First Share was launched in 2020 with the aim of offering complex Android, apps, gadget reviews and news related technology in a way so that anyone can understand it. We stand out from the crowd in the sense that usually we break the news – yes, we mainly bring stuff for you that you will not find anywhere in the mainstream tech media.

Our stories have been picked up by some of the most popular and reliable sources.

Here is the team behind the website:

Manohar Parihar(Founder)

I am a writer and founder of this website. With a degree in computer science and English literature, I like to research the latest in the tech world and find great joy in what is going on in that field. I launched this blog about 1 year ago and since then First Share is one of the primary sources of tech related news and latest leaks for users around the world.

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